The Halloween Music Bingo Brussels

The Halloween Music Bingo | Brussels

Totaal aantal plaatsen 100 (100 beschikbaar)

Datum en tijd:

25 oktober, 2023 20:00 - 22:45


Wolf Sharing Food Market, Rue du Fossé aux Loups 50, Brussels, 1000, België

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The Halloween Music Bingo
Are you a fan of guilty musical pleasures as well as Halloween? Then you’ve come to the right place this evening.  Wolf Brussels will be specially decorated and transformed into a haunted house.  The Wolf will show its fangs and just like in a good horror movie, we will speed up your blood flow and make your feet move to terrifying foul beats, while you try to fill your bingo card.
Come dressed up as scary as possible (if you dare?!) and let yourself go wild to our chilling mix of the most delicious hits and guilty pleasures.
During this Halloween Special, we will kick things up a notch with the creepiest and spookiest songs that will leave you breathless or trembling with excitement.
– 1 bingo card per person
– Start Bingo: 20:00
– Cost of bingo card €12.50 (early bird)
– Cost of bingo card €14.50 (normal)
– Under team name, enter your group name so we know who belongs together.
(You need one bingo card per person to attend the evening)


Ticket Type: Aantal tickets Prijs per ticket
Bingo card 25-10 (Early bird)

25-10 20:00

50 beschikbaar
Bingo card 25-10 (normal)

25-10 20:00

50 beschikbaar
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